Baker's Yard

Baker’s Yard

Some consider this district to be the most important district of the city. As much of the city’s wealth comes from trading with the northern and southern Kingdom.

There is a large market square that contains many stalls that change from season to season. Surrounding this square is the more permanent shops and businesses. In the centre of this square is a large clock that all merchants adhere to. This clock chimes away the hours as shoppers and merchants do their business. This clock is for want for a better word the heart of the market district.

The market district is located north of the Harbour district, and is connected by streets and canals for easy access for goods and service. To the east of the trade district is the artisan quarter that also butts up against the eastern gates of the city. To the west of the city is the sprawling poor district where the streets become narrower and shadier. Businesses closer to the poor district have garnered a more disreputable reputation.

Baker's Yard

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